About Us

The Center for CREATION Health Research (CfCHR) is committed to designing evidence-based care pathways that include the mind, body and spirit. Through collaboration with our partners, we aim to provide personalized models of care using the CREATION Health framework. In this way, we will guide patients, employees, clinicians and entire communities to improved health and disease management. We are a team of researchers passionate about the AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital and Adventist Health System, Mission and dedicated to improving patient experience and outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare. We use our research on evidence-based, patient-centric CREATION Health approaches to support and advance this mission.

To promote whole-person care by identifying, developing, and testing the scientific foundations of CREATION Health principles.

To transform healthcare delivery into our whole-person model of care, empowering our patients, employees, and communities to experience optimal wellness throughout their lives.

CfCHR’s goals are to:
     - Develop healthy communities, one person at a time.
     - Quantify the effectiveness of the CREATION Health principles in achieving superior outcomes.
     - Realize the full value of the CREATION Health principles across the Adventist Health System enterprise.

CREATION Health is a lifestyle transformation program designed to help people live life to the fullest by focusing on eight universal principles of whole-person health. CREATION Health is God’s plan for living as seen in the Bible’s story of creation. By consistently practicing the eight principles – Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust in God, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition – we fulfill God’s original plan for us, which is to live happier and healthier lives.

For additional information about CREATION Health Research, you may visit our web page: here.