Electronic Submissions

IRB Submission Process


Getting Started - IRB Submission Process

Step 1: Register on IRBnet.org and affiliate with AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital

The AdventHealth IRB Orlando uses IRBnet.org for electronic submissions, and all users must be registered in the system. 

  • Go to www.irbnet.org
  • Click “New User Registration”
  • Affiliate with AdventHealth Orlando
  • Complete activation of your account via a link received in an email upon registration

Step 2: Complete all IRB education requirements

To ensure the protection of human participants, all research investigators and staff must complete and show verification of their CITI training.  Investigators must complete additional training, described below.

    • Register on www.citiprogram.org.
    • Select AdventHealth as your affiliated institution. (NOTE: We cannot accept Certificates of Completion under another institution’s affiliation.  If you have completed modules under another institution’s affiliation, these will be credited to the required modules for AdventHealth once you affiliate under AdventHealth.)
    • Take courses
      • REQUIRED: “Basic Biomedical” or “Basic Social/Behavioral” depending on the type of research that you will be conducting.  (NOTE: If you have questions, contact the IRB.)
      • REQUIRED: Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS)
      • MAY BE REQUIRED: Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is REQUIRED IF you are conducting FDA-regulated research
    • Save your Certificate of Completion for each course as a PDF file. (NOTE: the summary listing dates of completion is not acceptable)
    • Upload your Certificates of Completion to your User Profile in www.IRBnet.org
    • Refresher courses must be completed every 3 years to maintain your education credentials with the AdventHealth IRB.
    • Required for all investigators (PIs and Sub-Is)
    • The requirement is met by attending the AdventHealth Research Institute Orlando sponsored event either live, in-person or by viewing a recorded version and completing a post-test. 
      • For investigators with an AdventHealth user name and password
        • From the AdventHealth or AHMG IntraNet, log into ALN (Adventist Learning Network)
        • In the search bar at the top right of the page, search for INVESTIGATOR FORUM
        • Click “Enroll” on the bottom right of the course description box.
        • Another box will pop up confirming your enrollment. 
        • The next page will be your course page.  Click the first “launch” button to view the material (video is approximately 50 minutes).
        • Once the video is complete, you will return to the previous screen and the “launch” button should now say “review”
        • Click the button for the post-test, and complete as directed.
        • The passing score is 80%
        • When returned to the course description screen, click the button that says “export certificate” or simply print the certificate.
        • Save the certificate as a PDF file and upload into your User Profile in www.IRBnet.org
      • For investigators that do not have a AdventHealth opid and password, contact Melissa Pallone for additional information (Melissa.Pallone@flhosp.org). You will need to have a Google/You Tube account to access the training.

Step 3: Submit IRB application and supporting documents

  • Go to www.IRBnet.org
  • On the left-sided banner bar, select “Forms and Templates”
  • On the Forms and Templates page, select the library for AdventHealth Institutional Review Board Orlando. 
  • Scroll down to find all the forms and templates needed for your IRB submission.  The Manuals provide useful “how to” information. 
  • Complete the IRB application and all supporting documents.
  • Upload your submission via IRBnet

Should you have questions, please contact the AdventHealth IRB Orlando at 407-200-2677 or via email at FH.IRB.General@flhosp.org.
IRB Administration