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New Studies from AdventHealth's Translational Research Institute Unveil a Pioneering Pharmacological Approach for Healthy Aging

Jul 26, 2019

New Studies from AdventHealth's Translational Research Institute Unveil a Pioneering Pharmacological Approach for Healthy Aging

Studies published in Nature Communications reveal new chemical compounds with the potential to confer important health benefits in the elderly

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The Translational Research Institute , a part of AdventHealth Research Institute (AdventHealth-Orlando) today announces the results of a drug discovery initiative conducted along with Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (La Jolla, CA) and Daiichi-Sankyo, Co. (Tokyo, Japan).

The research investigation, led by AdventHealth’s Dr. Stephen Gardell and published in Nature Communications, unveils a new class of chemical compounds with the potential to revitalize metabolic health in the elderly population.

The chemical compounds – called NAMPT activators -- discovered by Dr. Gardell and the multisite research team raise the levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body. NAD is a crucial natural substance that promotes health and wellbeing. Tissue levels of NAD decrease as people age, and the lower NAD levels are believed to contribute to aging-associated diseases, such as muscle weakness and neurodegeneration.

“There has been keen interest in nutraceuticals that boost NAD levels and are claimed to produce health benefits,” says Dr. Stephen Gardell, senior investigator at the Translational Research Institute. “We discovered a new drug strategy to boost NAD that promises to be superior to the nutraceutical approach. While we are still in the early stages, we are hopeful that our work will culminate in a safe and effective pharmacological approach to promote healthy aging.”

The next step for Dr. Gardell’s team is to further evaluate the effectiveness of these novel “NAD boosters” in preventing or treating the broad spectrum of diseases that accompany aging.

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