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Whole-Person Research

Center for Whole-Person Research


The Center for Whole-Person Research is committed to exploring and assessing the evidence behind whole-person care. We focus on the science behind how the body, mind and spirit contribute not only to wellness, but to lifelong flourishing. With CREATION Health as our framework, we guide patients, employees, clinicians and entire communities to improved health and disease management. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, in collaboration with our partners, works to advance the AdventHealth Mission by improving patient experience and outcomes while reducing the cost of health care. Through our study of CREATION Health principles, we strive to help our community feel whole. 


To promote whole-person care by identifying, developing, and testing the scientific foundations of CREATION Health principles.


To transform health care delivery into our whole-person model of care, empowering our patients, employees, and communities to experience optimal wellness throughout their lives.

CREATION Health is a whole-person wellness philosophy, developed by leaders of AdventHealth, formerly Adventist Health System, and is founded on the Creation story in the book of Genesis. It consists of eight principles that are a guide for overall mental, physical, social, and spiritual health: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition. Whole-Person Research supports the development and assessment of CREATION Health-based wellness initiatives to ensure the programs we offer to our patients, employees, clinicians and communities are supported by scientific evidence.

Contact Information

Center for Whole-Person Research
301 E. Princeton Street, Orlando FL 32804

Areas of Focus

  • Wellness of Body, Mind and Soul
  • Transformative Whole-person healthcare delivery
  • Scientific foundation for CREATION principles

Featured Clinical Trials

Compassion Rounds

Icon for trial | Compassion Rounds

This study is currently enrolling.

This is a study of participant experiences with Compassion Rounds. Chaplains, clinicians, and other support staff visit families of patients in intensive care settings to assess and assist with psychological and spiritual well- ...


Icon for trial | RISE RCT

This study is currently enrolling.

The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to determine whether the RISE Program - an 8 session interactive program for nurses - has a significant impact on nurses’ resilience, insight, self-compassion, and empowerment, ...


Icon for trial | RN RISE Pilot

This study is currently enrolling.

This pilot study includes group education and counseling for critical care nurses. The nurses will participate in a one-day resilience training followed by 8 group sessions intended to reflect on resilience, insight, self-compa ...

Meet the Team

Our Capabilities

Design and validation of surveys and questionnaires to measure CREATION principles and programs

Mentoring and partnership for students, clinicians, stakeholders, and partners on study design and execution

Collaboration on CREATION-based programs, studies, educational initiatives, and interventions

Proficiency in conducting human biobehavioral research