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Associated Conditions

High Blood Pressure

Principal Investigator


University of Alabama at Birmingham

The purpose of this study is to see if regular exercise when combined with one of three commonly used high blood pressure medications can improve the physical abilities of older adults to perform their daily life activities and lowers their risk for heart disease.

Study Duration: 32 weeks

Study Commitment: 

  • 7 assessment visits over 32 weeks
  • Exercise interventions 2 times per week over 20weeks

Age: 60+

Gender: Male, Female


  • Age 60 years or greater
  • History of High blood pressure 
  • Some difficulty performing your daily activities. 

Study Procedures: 

  • Vital Signs, weight, height, and BMI
  • Urine collection and Blood Draw
  • Physical Exam
  • DEXA
  • ECG
  • Exercise testing/ assessment (physical performance test, walk test
  • Activity, nutrition, and lifestyle questionnaires 
  • optional: Muscle Biopsy, Exercise testing

Compensation: $1240


This study is currently enrolling.

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