About Us

The mission of the Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes (TRI-MD) is to extend and improve the quality of lives through the conduct of world-class, innovative translational research that leads to discoveries - and ultimately cures – for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 
The TRI-MD conducts research studies in the areas of:

   - Pre Diabetes
   - Type 1 Diabetes
   - Type 2 Diabetes 

Exercise & Bioenergetics 
   - Aging
   - Diabetes 

Metabolism & Obesity
   - Nutrition
   - Weight loss

This “bench-to-bedside” approach in translational research is actually a two-way street. Basic scientists provide clinical researchers with new patient care tools to assess through clinical trials, and clinical researchers make novel observations about the nature and progression of disease that often stimulate basic scientists’ investigations.The combined efforts of scientists, researchers, and physicians make translational research a true interdisciplinary approach to improving lives through innovation that leads to discoveries and ultimately cures.