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Leading the Way of Clinical Research

Leading the Way in Clinical Research

With over 550 studies and a team of more than 350 researchers, AdventHealth Research Institute brings the latest innovations in health care to Central Florida.


Annual Report

With 13 therapeutic areas ranging from cancer to translational research, our scientists are bringing the future of care to the present. Learn more about innovation and discovery at AdventHealth.

2020 Annual Report
Dr. Steven Smith

Welcome to our first annual report of the AdventHealth Research Institute. Inside you will find Key statistics defining our progress last year. But, more importantly, you will find stories of how research is changing the lives of our community as advancing the science of whole-person care. Of course, these stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Our overarching goal is to do research that matters, as evidenced by our publications and the effects of our research on the broader medical community.

In these challenging times, our staff, researchers, and community rose to the occasion, and together we found creative ways to contribute to the fight against SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  In several key instances, these studies resulted in new knowledge. But, more crucially, they enabled immediate changes to how we care for our patients and the community we serve.

It has been quite a year, but the best is yet to come!  The AdventHealth Research Institute is poised to grow next year, and we are excited about the opportunities and breakthroughs this will bring to our communities.    

It is important to remember that every cutting-edge treatment that we use at AdvenHealth today started as an idea in the mind of a scientist somewhere in the past.  These ideas were tested in clinical studies and adopted by our clinical teams.  The treatments of today were research studies last year.

As we launch new research initiatives in neurology, cancer, aging, outcomes research, and whole-person care, we ask that you join us.  How? By volunteering for a research study, making a contribution to the AdventHealth Foundation to support our brightest and most creative scientists, and most of all, helping us to raise awareness of how research changes lives every day. 

Dr. Steven R. Smith


Our Innovation Ecosystem Improving Outcomes and Lives

AdventHealth Research Institute is a hands-on, living laboratory for health care advancement, dedicated to furthering the skills health care professionals. Utilizing state-of-the-art surgical suites, labs, advanced medical simulation robotics and learning centers, medical professionals acquire and advance skills in a highly collaborative environment.