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Leading the Way of Clinical Research

Leading the Way in Clinical Research

With over 650 studies and a team of more than 580 researchers, AdventHealth Research Institute brings the latest innovations in health care to Central Florida.


Annual Report

With 11 therapeutic areas ranging from cancer to translational research, our scientists are bringing the future of care to the present. Learn more about innovation and discovery at AdventHealth.

2022 AHRI Annual Report

2021 AHRI Annual Report

2020 AHRI Annual Report

Dr. Steven Smith

Science is an important way of thinking and working. Scientific methods are not intuitive but can be learned and perfected over time with good mentoring. Research as a whole progresses our knowledge and is creating new discoveries on a daily basis.

Research is fundamental to a learning healthcare system and now, more than ever, we need science to create a brighter future for each of us and for future generations.

I hope you will enjoy the reports and, as we move into the next year, we say a hearty “thank you” for your support.

Dr. Steven R. Smith


Our Innovation Ecosystem Improving Outcomes and Lives

AdventHealth Research Institute is a hands-on, living laboratory for health care advancement, dedicated to furthering the skills health care professionals. Utilizing state-of-the-art surgical suites, labs, advanced medical simulation robotics and learning centers, medical professionals acquire and advance skills in a highly collaborative environment.