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All Clinical Research Areas

Cancer Icon
High-quality clinical research with a goal to eradicate cancer
Cardiovascular Icon
Improvement of patient outcomes in areas such as heart disease, cardiac and vascular surgery, and preventive cardiology
Collaborative Icon
Collaborative Research
Data-driven research and the standardization of the research volunteer process
Robotics Icon
Global Robotics Institute
Care through minimally invasive surgery
Endoscopy Icon
Interventional Endoscopy
Latest advanced techniques and procedural services available for the treatment of digestive disorders
Diabetes Icon
Metabolism & Diabetes
Innovative translational research that leads to discoveries and cures for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease
Neuroscience Icon
Research aimed to further understand neurological disorders, such as stroke, brain tumors, and epilepsy
Ortho Icon
Studies that improve the care and outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal disease
Pediatric Icon
Research and data analysis that improves clinical performance and care quality for pediatric health care
Pharmacy Icon
Research in medication and various disease states
Radiology Icon
High-quality diagnostic imaging technologies for research
Surgical_Advancement Icon
Surgical Advancement
Basic, clinical and translational research with the aim of improving outcomes for all surgical patients
Transplant Icon
Transplant Research
Most current treatments in areas like abdominal organ transplants and advanced liver, heart, and lung disease
Creation_Health Icon
Whole-Person Research
Evidence-based care pathways that focus on whole-person care: the mind, body and spirit

Research Support Offices

Creation_Health Icon
Centralized Core Services
Research Biostatistics, Health Economics, Centralized Laboratory, Medical Editing
IRB Icon
Institutional Review Board
All reviewed research conducted at AdventHealth Orlando for ethical standards, scientific merit and compliance
Integrity Icon
Office of Research Integrity
Ethical and compliance aspects of research
Sponsored Icon
Office of Sponsored Programs
Assistance to investigators and research teams in their efforts to conduct research under the auspices of AdventHealth Orlando
Advancement Icon
Research Advancement & Support
Support to investigators and research teams and development of on-boarding and training programs for research personnel
Finance Icon
Research Finance
Financial integrity of research-related studies
Systems Icon
Research Information Systems
Support of research, clinical applications, and the data warehouse used of data queries and other use