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Our Team

T, Cross

Tavis Cross

Clinical Research Unit Manager

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Majed Dasouki

Majed Dasouki, MD


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Monica Davila

Monica Davila, MD, PhD

Academic Mentor

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C. Davis

Christopher A. Davis, PhD

Executive Director Research Operations

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R. Duane Davis

Duane Davis, MD

Chief Medical Officer AdventHealth Institute's and Lung Transplant

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Sebastian de la Fuente

Sebastian G. De La Fuente, MD,FACS

General Surgeon, Surgical Oncology Specialist

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James DeLany

James P. Delany, PhD, BS

Senior Investigator at the Translational Research Institute

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Susan Dempsey-Walls

Susan Dempsey-Walls


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Narendra Dereddy

Narendra Dereddy, MD


Shauni Dusan

Shauni Dusan

Executive Director Research Data Services

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Melissa Erickson

Melissa Erickson, PhD

Faculty Investigator

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Rebecca Essner

Rebecca Essner, MS, PhD

Research Scientist