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Diabetes Research

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Diabetes Research

At the AdventHealth Translational Research Institute, our scientists, researchers and clinicians are working to find new ways to prevent, treat and ultimately cure all types of diabetes.

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About Diabetes Research

  • What new therapies or treatment strategies could benefit those with diabetes?
  • What causes diabetes?
  • How do lifestyle changes impact diabetes?
  • What demographics may affect risk for diabetes?

Our physicians screen every new participant accepted into a study to ensure that they safely meet the criteria to participate. Your participation is voluntary and our research team continues to monitor your health and wellbeing during the length of the study. 

Your participation contributes to new and important scientific discoveries that can make a large impact on your community. There are also several potential benefits to you as an individual that could include: 

  • Access to new and advanced therapies and treatment strategies before it's available to the public 
  • Improvements in quality of life 
  • Monetary incentives 

Our scientists conduct studies that require participation from individuals with pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We also rely on non-diabetic, healthy participants to act as a control group.


Diabetes can have an impact on other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease or cognitive abilities. It does this by increasing risk factors, affecting recovery time or even worsening the long-term prognosis.  Our research looks at ways to lessen or eliminate this impact, so patients with diabetes are able to manage these conditions as well as patients without diabetes.

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Whole-Person Care at AdventHealth Diabetes Institute

You want care that nurtures your body and empowers you to achieve your wellness goals. At the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute, we provide you with the tools, support, education and care network to make that possible. 

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