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Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience Research

Our Team

Indrani Acosta

Indrani E. Acosta, MD

Medical Director, Vascular Neurology Specialist

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James Baumgartner

James Baumgartner, MD

Medical Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

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Frank Hellinger

Frank R. Hellinger, MD, PhD


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Ki Hyeong Lee

Ki H. Lee, MD

Pediatric Neurologist, Epileptologist

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Eduardo Martinez Castillo

Eduardo M. Castillo, MD


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C. Davis

Christopher A. Davis, PhD

Executive Director Research Operations

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Delores Barnes

Delores Barnes, MBA, BSN, RN

Director of Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Transplant and Critical Care Research

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Deanna Allen

Deanna Allen, BSN, RN, CCRC

Clinical Research Operations Manager

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Research Coordinator Team

Callie Arnold, BS, CCRC

Clinical Research Supervisor

Brooke Hartwell, MSN, RN, CCRC

Research Nurse

Research Support Staff

Crystal Labozzetta

Research Support Assistant

Robin Michaels

Research Assistant

Tracey Purvis, MSN, RN, CCRC, CFRN, CEN

Program Manager, Study Intake